Tabla is an acoustic diagnostic platform being deployed for pneumonia diagnosis.

How It Works

Using rapid prototyping techniques, we have developed a non-invasive acoustic device that uses algorithms to characterize the accumulation of fluid in the lungs during pneumonia. Our device relies on methods which are low cost to implement and simple
to administer, and if successful, will provide an inexpensive and rapid method for pneumonia diagnosis.


In 2015, pneumonia was the leading cause of death in patients under the age of 5, claiming almost one million children worldwide. It has been reported by UNICEF that there is a need for access to a more affordable diagnostic method to reduce the number of deaths in populations with limited access to medical infrastructure. Tabla provides an order of magnitude improvement on portability, accessibility and cost over the current gold standard of chest x-ray, targeting patients in areas with limited access to advanced medical care. The device has IRB approval at UCSF and is currently being tested with adult and pediatric patients. Big Ideas Award recipient and recently featured in Fast Company and ABC News.